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1952 Ferguson tractor. Carole's dreams come true.  She likes the smell of TVO fuel!

Motor cycle

Velocette GTP 250. 1931.

 Sedan Chair

A sedan chair. Chinese late 19th early 20th century. Just 57 inches tall.
 Narrow boat

English narrow boat or Butty boat model early 20th century. All hand made with some later additions. 34 inches long


A prisoner of war ship. A Napoleonic,  French prisoner made model of 60 gun man-o-war made from sections of bone. A planked and pinned hull, carved stern and quarter galleries finely detailed. complete with rigging.


 Late 19th century bike. Wooden wheels and  strange early chain


 Aeroplane  Large German WW1  tri-plane
  1930s Meccano bi-plane DeHavland Rapide?
 Steamer  Model paddle steamer. Danish  
Traction engine Live steam traction engine model.
Engine  Lister Single cylinder petrol stationary engine
Engine Wolseley Single cylinder petrol stationary engine  
  Stuart pump