The Three W's   

   W W W



What are the 3 W's? 


Wild Wealden Women

or  Wicked wanton women, or Wayward wily wasters, or  Wretched wagging wanderers, or Wire wheels whizzers, or Wishful winking wonders. Weird wanton wenches, or Wonderful whizzing winders, or Wire wheeled whizzers, or even World wide wrestlers  any more suggestions? !! Hilary Smith sez Wicked Wealden Wigglers. Jan Lucas with great wisdom offered "What Went Wrong"

Who are we? An "elite" rapper dance side . Some of the members are connected to Weald Morris as partners or musicians


Pamela:  Said by some to be terminally flippant

Also a musician for Weald of Kent  Morris


For the 2016 season WWWs  have a rapper sword dance team dancing figures from Newbiggin and High Spen. Now with Gwen, Zubeida, Vanessa, Helen , Cynthia and Lyn.

We practice in a Horsmonden Hall about every other week.


Carole: Our musician also  with Weald. Plays accordion and serpent. A Springer Sisters  musician. She has just purchased a pith helmet... Why? To get pithed  of course!

Where are we based?  West Kent, The Weald of course. Our local is the best kept secret The Serpent pub.


Secretary:Gwen Nabbs 
 or Pamela. 01892 835191

Musical instruments for sale