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  Bate Collection of musical instruments. Oxford        Pitt Rivers museum. Oxford
  Horniman museum. Instrument collection. South London        Music museum. South Dakota
  Edinburgh. Musical instrument collection.         Snowshill Manor Cotswolds. Goods instrument collection. Not on line
  Royal college of music. museum London         Finchcocks  keyboard/ piano museum. Kent
  Springers musical instrument collection            Markneukirchen museum, Germany

  Boston Museum lots of photos

      Finchcocks  piano museum Goudhurst Kent
  Mechanical music museum Brentford. London Amazing collection of instruments in Berlin

Music & Dance

  EFDSS English folk dance & song society.       KUBAS uke club , bash, session. Fun in Pembury 2x monthly
  Rock-n-roll  Jive page with links        Ukulele society of Great Britain
 Classical voices. Stunning classical singing for all occasions        Morris dance team finder
  Kits Coty  Morris dancers. Near Maidstone. Kent        
  Weald of Kent Morris dancers. Goudhurst Kent        Clog dance  Kerry Fletcher
  Taro Takeuchi. Lute and baroque guitar... Excellent        Lindy hop info site
Fabulous FezheadsSand dance. To see is to believe !!        Lindy hop Cinque port Lindy hoppers
   Mellstock band. Thomas Hardy music        Pig Dyke Molly dancers from the Fenlands.
  Mike Parker Harps. Harpist. Harp collection        Set & turn single Folk Dancers listings of all sorts
Springers Sisters Band and duo. Multi instrumentalists       Contrafusion Contra dance club in Ashford. Kent. Workshops and dances.
  Stringed instrument Tunings      

Plucked instruments

Bowed instruments
  Tunings of stringed instruments  
  Mandolins & other unusual strings. Greg Miner   Fiddle notes, resource page
  Embergher mandolin   Fiddles around the world site
  BMG  banjomandolinguitar federation. lots of info   Viol da Gamba  Orpheum Foundation
 Harp Guitars Greg Miners archives   Swedish nykelharpa site...keyed fiddle
 Cittern bouzoki info   Olle Plahn  Nyckelharpa maker
  Cittern collection  (modern) good links   Hardanger fiddle association     
 Atlas of Plucked instruments. Good info site  Experimental violins  
  Lute society UK    Instrument reference pages.
 Other instrument  jokes   Viola   jokes
banjo  guide Basic Violin information
 Touchstone Tonewoods  
 Woodwind & Brass     Miscellaneous
  Ophicleide page      Matchstick instruments The matchstick man.
   Concertina information     Folk & general comprehensive links site
  Serpents.     Piano bits n pieces n info
  Brass serial numbers site     Drum maker and inventor. Brilliant & innovative
  Old flute site     Experimental instruments
  Flageolet site a good info site     Mugwumps  A good info site with loads of links
  Sax and other woodwind. interesting basses     Odd music. The unusual and experimental 
  A-Z of brass instruments   Instruments references. Atlas of plucked instruments
   Vintage post card collection of musicians and bands
    Early Free reed. Accordions , flutina, melodeon

    Guitar info

Banjo info
  Framus guitars Banjo tuning and dictionary
  Gibson  guitars American Banjo makers reference
  Epiphone guitars & banjos British banjo makers
  Hofner  guitar site Banjo resource /info
  Lap steel guitar page lots of links. Ukulele collection
  Martin guitars Tenor banjos site
  Grimshaw guitars. New site Vega dating etc
  Multi bass string guitars Paramount/Orpheum
  Early romantic guitars Unusual ukes
  tenor guitar site Classical banjo site
  Vintage guitar info   banjo jokes 
  Electric Guitar collection  Banjo dating  Serial numbers and dates for USA banjos
  Jazz guitar   Resource site  Banjoseen    All sorts of banjo information
           Permits for banjo players
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Traditional music.  Playing music from Ireland, England, Scotland, Europe & America, including a bit of Ragtime and Swing.