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A bit of background info ... 

Pamela, a musician and fanatical collector of musical instruments for many years, started selling some of her vast collection to survive after giving up teaching (  primary school music & science & technology ) a few years back. After helping others to find instruments, she set up these web pages offering the wide range of instruments of hers and some for other collectors. Modelling with some of the instruments is Douglas. (he got well paid for it! )and now Mellstock. Pamela is one of a family of musicians, many in the past in interesting bands !
Pamela is also a musician of long standing (and sitting) in the world of traditional music.  She plays fiddle, banjo, mandolin, guitar, Swedish nyckelharpa, bass ( and various others)  demonstrations etc as half the Springer Sisters, with Carole (Carole also sells her instruments), and plays for Weald of Kent Morris Carole live.jpg (22886 bytes)
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Pamela's collecting does not stop at musical instruments! Vintage and classic cars  are a compulsion , mascots,   telephones, magic lanterns etc. 50s rock n roll gear for jiving and playing ! Bubble uz 27.JPG (108017 bytes)

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